We offer 2 different packages with various services combined to save you money!

All Packages Include DJ Setup And Tear Down, Unlimited Bridal Consults, & Certificate Of Liability Insurance

The Reception Package

The Total Wedding Package

$1,250.00 $1,750.00
  • The Ultimate Online Planner & Music Selector
  • Cocktail & Dinner Hour Music
  • Wireless Microphones For Toasts
  • DJ & Emcee
  • The Request Portal
  • Dance Floor Lighting & Uplighting (Optional)
  • Request A Text (What Is Request A Text)
  • Up To 5 Hours Of Music (After The Grand Entrance)


  • Pre-Ceremony Music
  • Ceremony Audio*
  • The Ultimate Online Planner & Music Selector
  • Cocktail & Dinner Hour Music
  • Wireless Microphones For Toasts
  • DJ & Emcee
  • The Request Portal
  • Dance Floor Lighting & Uplighting (Optional)
  • Request A Text (What Is Request A Text)
  • Up to 5 Hours Of Music (After The Grand Entrance)
*Additional Charge If Ceremony Is Not On The Same Grounds As Reception

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Package Add Ons

The Bubble Machine

The Wedding Cloud

The Bubble Machine is a neat and fun way to enhance your wedding.  We can cover a large room with bubbles in around 10 – 15 seconds. This is an effect that would make Lawernce Welk proud. We also can use this at the Grand Entrance and for fun during certain dances later in the night. (Think Electric Slide with bubbles)

The Bubble Machine can be added to either package for $75.00

The Wedding cloud is a dry ice effect without using dry ice. Right before your first dance as man and wife we lightly fog up the dance floor. This gives the dance floor the look of a cloud. When you step in the cloud to dance it is a moment that will wow and truly amaze your guests. We use a water based fog juice for the following reasons:

Non staining
Non Toxic
Long Lasting
Fluids are designed and tested to provide exceptional output, so we do not have to refill the floor during the dance
This will not effect fire alarms
Safe for people with respiratory problems

The Wedding Cloud can be added to either package for $200.00

Other Add Ons:

Monogram/Gobo Projection The Photo Wall


What Makes Us Different

With over 20 years of combined experience, we know how to maintain the control and flow of your reception so that the only thing you have to worry about is who you are going to dance with next! How do we do this? Through Preparation and Professionalism! Learn more about us with our Wedding DJ FAQs by clicking here.

Unlimited Bridal & Pre-Bridal Consults


Working With Vendors

Meet The DJ for your wedding beforehand, or learn more about the company personally by phone or in person. With Ultimate Jams there is no need to keep calling or not knowing. You will meet with AJ who handles all the planning. You will also be given the name of your DJ, and they will reach out to you. You can meet with them face to face or by phone. This way you can build a rapport with the person handling the entertainment duties of your big day. We will listen to your ideas and make suggestions catered to what you would like. Your DJ should always work with the other vendors to ensure that the night goes as smooth as possible. We talk with your photographer/videographer to make sure they are ready for the special moments. We also send them a timeline of events after your initial Bridal Consult and a finalized timeline the week of the wedding. We work with catering and the bartenders. They will never miss a moment because they weren’t ready!

Music Library & Request Portal


We have a wide variety of genres for each part of the night for you to choose from. Anything from the Rat Pack to Michael Buble. When it comes time to party get ready for the 80’s, 90’s and Today. There is also a request portal that you can share with your guests via social media or email so they can request what they would like to hear. Remember the Ceremony is all about you, but the reception is all about your guests and you having a fabulous time. If we don’t have something…we will do our best to find it through professional and legal music pools. Anyone can play an I-Pod or bring a couple of speakers into a room and call themselves a DJ! However a good DJ knows how to work a room. The DJ has to know which songs will work at what times. If the dance floor is packed, there is no need for a slow song. Timing can actually make “baby shark” appealing to everyone and not just the kids. We will mix the music in a way that both your older guests and younger guests can appreciate and have fun with.
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