Will you play what I ask you to play?


What about songs that you don’t have?

We will try to track down any song you request in time for your event. It is important for you to provide a list of must have songs so there is time to find them or inform you of which if any songs are unavailable.

Will you play my CDs?

No, but if you have a song on a CD you would like played we are more than willing to rip that song down to an MP3. However we must have the CD in hand no later than 3 business days prior to the event.

Will you play my tunes from my iPod?


What about songs with explicit language?

It is always Ultimate Jams intent to avoid playing tunes with explicit content that may offend you or any of your guests.

What if my guests request a song with explicit language?

Depending on the song and just how explicit it is Ultimate Jams will usually make a judgment call on the spot. If there are young children at the party Ultimate Jams will not play songs that are known to contain explicit language, unless we have a radio edit. If it is an adults only party Ultimate Jams will usually play the requested song after checking with the host. Again, it is never Ultimate Jams intent to offend anyone.

What if I don’t know what songs I want played?

Many customers just pick a couple of genres of music that they prefer be played or avoided at their event and this works out just fine. Some customers give no guidance whatsoever as to the type of music they prefer and this has always worked out fine also. Ultimate Jams can play a mix of different genres of music and play something for everyone.

Where do you get your music from?

Ultimate Jams subscribes to a remix and compilation service available to professional working DJs only.

Do you download illegal music from the internet?

No. Ultimate Jams library is high quality and legal.


Why is the deposit non-refundable?

Your deposit holds your date. Upon receiving your deposit your date is locked in and all others inquiring for the same date are turned away.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Online payments can be made via the Square Invoice emailed to you.

Can I call you on the phone to pay you?

Feel free to call us to make a payment over the phone.

When is final payment (balance) due?

Balance due date is in the upper right corner of the invoice. This is usually no later than 30 days prior to your event.


Please be aware that your date is not reserved until your deposit is received. The best way to ensure your date is reserved is to pay your deposit online.

In addition to a deposit, a signed (electronic or paper) contract is necessary.

After requesting and receiving a quote how long will you hold my date?

Dates are not held until a deposit is received.

What’s the best way to ensure my date is reserved?

By paying your deposit.

If I speak to you on the phone and tell you I will book you is my date reserved?

No, not until the deposit is received and any checks or money orders are cleared.

Is there a discount for week days?

Any discount for a particular day is included in the quote total.

Is there an extra charge for mileage?

We have a certain area that we work out of, however we do not limit ourselves to that area. There is a fee for travel outside the area and is included in your quote.


Do you charge overtime if my event runs longer than originally quoted?


How much do you charge if my event runs an extra hour?

Overtime charges are $75.00 per hour.

Wedding Planning

Do you meet with the bride and groom before the wedding to go over the details?

Yes and we use a wedding event planner to obtain most of the information needed to know about your wedding.

General Event / Party Planning

How do I tell you what songs I want played at my party?

By using our event planner, phoning, emailing, meeting in person, it’s up to you.

Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony sound system is an optional add on.

Do you provide wedding ceremony music?

Yes this is an optional add on, however there is a fee if the ceremony and reception are not in the same location

Wedding Reception

Do you do the introductions and other announcements at the wedding reception?

Yes, all introductions including introducing all special dances and any other announcements that need to be made during the reception are made by the DJ or Emcee.

Do you do the ‘Love Story’ that some DJs are advertising?

No, it is our feeling that this takes away from your close friends and family that perform the toasts and is better received when a close friend or relative presents the same information.. But if you would like the DJ or Emcee to do it we will.

Outside Events

Will you play in my backyard?

Yes, however you must provide shelter from the sun, rain, or anything else that may fall from above for the DJ setup area.

What if law enforcement arrives at my event because of noise complaints?

Prevention is always the best so check with your local government or police department to see if you are required to obtain a noise permit. Also letting the police department know you are having a party and at what time it will end is always a good thing. This way they will be able to tell your neighbors that call to complain what time the music will end. If they do not know what is going on then they may have to send a patrol car over to see.

If a law enforment official arrives at your event It is highly recommend that you politely ask if there is a law that is being broken and if so ask what can be done to comply. Also explain the planned end time of the event so that if more complaints come into law enforcement they can tell the callers when the event will end.

It is also a good idea to know what the noise ordinances (if any) are in your area ahead of time.

What happens if a lightning storm happens during the party?

Lightning storms usually last less than 30 minutes. The DJ will unplug the equipment and wait for it to pass assuming rain is not an issue and adequate cover is provided for The DJ and the equipment. Lightning is bad for you and your guests and bad for DJ equipment.

Sound Equipment

Do you provide microphones?

Ultimate Jams uses wireless microphones.  The wireless microphones are typically used for toasts and other guest speakers that prefer to speak from their table and not from the DJ setup.

Can I use your microphones to sing?

No. Unless you have been a finalist on American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, or X-Factor!

Dance Effects Lighting

Do you offer dance effects lighting?



Do you provide a projector?



Is the contract necessary?


What if I don’t want to sign the contract?

Then please find another DJ service. Ultimate Jams can refer you to other services however they also require a signed contract.

How do I electronically sign the contract?

  1. When obtaining a quote ask for an electronic contract
  2. The contract can be signed via a computer or mobile device. (ie phone or tablet)
  3. Make sure to initial in the box labeled initials this confirms that you have read and understand the contract.

Why do you use electronic signature instead of a printed contract?

  1. No contracts being lost in the mail.
  2. No contracts being lost.
  3. No postage expense.
  4. Nothing to print.
  5. Environmentally friendly.

Can I print the contract, sign, and then mail it to you?



Will you wear a tuxedo to my event?

No. Unless we are asked by the planner of the event to do so.

What will you wear?

Depending on your event The DJ will dress accordingly.

  • Formal: White button down shirt, black tie, black pants, black shoes, black jacket.
  • Informal: Golf/Polo company shirt with collar, black or khaki pants, brown or black shoes.

We will not wear, jeans, shorts or t-shirts


Do you provide Karaoke?

At this time we do not

Party Handouts

Do you supply party handouts?


If I supply my own party favors will you hand them out for me?



Will you coordinate a game of musical chairs or freeze dance for the children?

Yes – if you ask.


Will you dance?

No! Trust us no one wants to see that!