There are so many important questions you should ask a vendor, that probably would never cross your mind. The same goes with when hiring a Wedding DJ. So we came up with a list of the most important questions to ask any DJ you are considering for your wedding. We hope this will will help you see the professionalism, reliability, and honesty of Ultimate Jams DJ Service, or any wedding DJ you may be considering.

Written Contracts?

A contract gives you a clear view of the DJ’s obligations to the client and what is required for setup, and other factors related to the DJ. We use electronic contracts that allow you to sign via the internet. However if pen and paper is more comfortable for you, we can do that as well. We will not however, DJ any event, without a signed contract to protect both us and the client

Who Will Be My DJ?

It is important that you have the opportunity to speak with the person who will actually be the DJ at your wedding. That person’s name will be on your contract before you sign it. Sometimes it is hard to coordinate the bridal consults with your actual DJ. If that does happen, you will be given the card of the DJ who will be at your wedding and they will reach out in a couple of days after the consult to introduce themselves and answer any questions. You are more than welcome to set up a face to face meeting with them as well.

How Long Will You Hold My Date?

We have seen it so many times…Other DJs will use pressure sales tactics (offering a special sale that ends that day or by saying there is another couple they are talking to that are looking at your date) to pressure you into making a decision…NOW! This is so unprofessional! When you contact us, we try to have a proposal to you within 24 hours (usually much sooner) from this point we will follow up around 2, 9, and 21 days later. Your proposal has an expiration date and is normally 45 days after your initial contact. Sometimes sooner depending on the date of your initial contact and the wedding date.

Do You Work Exclusively For Ultimate Jams DJ Service?

All of our DJs work as DJs only for Ultimate Jams DJ Service. All bookings are done through Ultimate Jams DJ Service. This eliminates the possibility of one of our DJs being double booked. We do however reserve the right to hire independent contractors to perform at your event in the case of an EXTREME emergency, that we will discuss further down. 

How Long Has My DJ Been A DJ, And How Many Weddings Have They Done? 

The owner of the company has been a DJ for almost 25 years now, he has worked in clubs, parties, formals, and weddings. He also has done radio for the past 17 years. Our other DJs have been working in this business for no less than 1 year. All of our DJs are trained on weddings with a more seasoned DJ and no one is set free to do their own wedding without feeling comfortable enough to do so, or doing a few weddings completely with one of our more seasoned DJs. Ask your DJ their backstory and they will be happy to tell you.

How Many Weddings A Year Do You Do?

If a DJ performs for only a few weddings per year, they may not have the “skills they need” when your wedding arrives. We usually do between 15 & 20 a year. 

Do You Do Other Non Wedding Events, If So How Many?

You want a DJ who can perform at your wedding. If your DJ does more school dances and birthday parties than weddings, they probably are not the DJ you want to hire. Our motto when it comes to weddings is that they are our specialty. In 2019 71% of the events we did were weddings. In 2018 77% of our events were weddings. Every year almost 3/4 of our events are made up of weddings.

Do You Do More Than One Event A Day?

The company as a whole can do more than one event a day. However, you want a DJ who will be dedicated to your wedding. Your DJ will not do more than one event a day. Meaning they will not be coming to your wedding from an earlier event in the day. 

Why Should We Chose You Over The Guy?

This is actually a question we dislike. Not because of the question itself, but we don’t want to tell you what makes us different because honestly we don’t know. You will need to do some research to determine the right fit. What we can tell you is, we take pride in our work and we can tell you what makes us unique, but when it comes to choosing, that is your choice. You have to choose who you feel will be a better fit for your wedding. Sadly there are other DJs who will use this question as a chance to talk trash about their competitors. This is unprofessional, and if another DJ does this you should probably inquire with the DJ they are talking about. Often times it is because they are afraid you will book with that company or DJ and not them. 

Have You Ever Been To Our Venue?

Every venue is different. Different ways to load in and out, different places to be set up. So we try to be familiar with venues we have never been to. This means anything from contacting the venue coordinator, taking a walk through the venue, talking with some of our preferred vendors that have worked the venue to get a lay of the land. Any DJ should be willing to prepare themselves with the layout of the room before they day of the wedding.

What Is The Difference Between A DJ and An MC?

A DJ is just that a “disc jockey”, but any professional DJ doing weddings should be comfortable enough to make announcements and serve as an MC. The MC is the “Master Of Ceremonies” Our 2 bigger packages comes with both a DJ and an MC, allowing for someone to be on the floor with you for the Grand Entrance, The Garter/Bouquet Toss, and more. This allows for a little more inter-activeness with your guests on the dance floor.

Is Our DJ/MC Self Taught?

This is another very important question. It relates to professionalism. There are many people who can buy some equipment plug it in and call themselves a DJ. The question is can they read a crowd, can they pack a dance floor, and can they keep that dance floor? Do they beatmix? Do you want them to beatmix? Our DJs have been trained by some of the best in the area. We still attend webinars and online courses.

When it comes to MCs the more seasoned DJs have been trained by the best in the area, and we are constantly attending webinars and online courses to stay relevant and to hone our tools.

What Happens If Something Happens To Our DJ?

Your DJ will always try to be at your wedding. However illness, accidents, family emergencies, and deaths do happen. We always try to cover your event with one of our other DJs, we also do network with other companies and try to have a backup plan in place in the event an emergency happens. All of our DJs are trained on the same format of every wedding we do, so they can pick up and roll with it at any point they need to. This helps take the stress off of you, in the unlikely event we have to substitute someone in.

Will We Meet Again Before The Wedding?

Yes! If A DJ claims they just need to show up at your wedding to be ready, please do some more research. We want to make sure that we understand what is supposed to happen on your wedding day and when and how. What type of music you want played. We offer Unlimited Bridal Consults for this very reason. We can’t tell you how many times from the planning forms we assumed something and at the consult we realized it was totally different. This is our way of going over the game plan. If a DJ says they do not need to meet with you, be concerned. 

Can We Visit You At A Wedding?

Out of respect for the couple that hired us, the answer to this question is always a NO. Professionally speaking we would hope any DJ would say no. You probably would not appreciate it if we invited a potential bride and groom to your wedding. This is why we have reviews and references.  

Speaking Of, Can We Speak With Your References?

Of course you can! Allow us a day or two to check with them to make sure they are still OK with us providing a potential client with their contact information.

How Do You Collect Current Music?

This is one of those questions you may never think to ask. We subscribe to several different DJ pools that supply us with new radio edited music often well before it is on the radio. There pools also help us find tracks that we may not have, that you have requested at your wedding. These are the only legal ways of obtaining music. We can not legally rip music from Youtube or Soundcloud for example. We can also not play from YouTube Or SoundCloud at your wedding. This is important to note. Besides the fact that it is illegal to rip music from Soundcloud or Youtube, by doing this you are losing what it is called the bitrate. The more compressed the file is the less bitrate the track has. DJ pools and Amazon and I-Tune are the only places to obtain the music with a high bitrate, but places like Amazon and I-Tunes do not have remixes or songs with intros or even instrumentals. Professional DJs will subscribe to at least one DJ pool, we subscribe to 5.

What Is The Cost And What Does It Include?

We offer 4 different wedding packages than can be found here. The prices are based on the time of the event, the date, the preparation time, insurance costs, travel costs, and the add-ons included with the packages. You can also choose to build your own wedding package. 

Overtime is charged at a rate of $100 per hour and $55.00 per half hour. Travel fees are $10.00 for ever 10 miles outside of a 45 mile radius of Bellefonte, PA. We use the Bellefonte Post Office as the starting point. 

How Do We Hold The Date?

The only way to book a date is to sign a contract and put a 25% nonrefundable retainer down on the package. We offer a payment plan that includes the second payment 90 days before the date of the wedding and the final payment must be made in full by 30 days before the event. Other payment arrangements can be made. Terms of cancellation are laid out in the contract.

Can We Choose The Music For Our Wedding?

Some DJs like to be in control of the music, meaning they will play what they want and add a few requests here or there. Some DJs don’t even take requests! This is your big day…so why allow someone to tell you what you should like? As part of our planning process we allow you to pick your Must Play Songs, Play If Possible, Dedications, Play Only If Requested, and your Top 10 must hears. We also offer a guest request portal, so your guests can request songs for your reception before it even happens. This gives us a better idea of the genres of music that are going to be the most popular among you and your guests. You basically have total control of the whole evening if you would like it. 

We also offer the Do Not Playlist. These are the songs that you do not want to hear at your wedding. So many times clients say “we’re not picky, play whatever”. Great we can do that, but we have no idea what songs may spark a negative emotion. We don’t want sad tears on your wedding day, we want happy ones. So if there is a song from the past that should not be played, even if it is something obscure, make sure it is on the Do Not Playlist. 

Music selection will not open to clients until the planning forms are complete and the bridal consult is scheduled. So many times couples get stuck in the selection of music and fall behind on the planning forms. The planning forms are the first important thing we need. We try to do your consult 100 days out from your wedding. Music can be selected up to 5 days before your wedding. 

Do You Take Requests?

Most DJs play requests, but as mentioned before some flat out refuse to do so. We take requests in a couple of different ways. 

  • At The Event: We have no issues with a guest walking up to us and requesting a song.
  • The Request Portal: If your package comes with The Request Portal you will receive a link to share with your guests and a password. Your guests will then be directed to your event where they can submit requests for the evening.
  • Ask The DJ: This is a cool new way that we take requests at your event, where your guests don’t need to leave the dance floor or their table to request songs. Learn more here.

Will You Play A Song From The Do Not Playlist, If Requested?

Any DJ should say no to this question, but the sad truth is that even though most DJs ask for this list, they don’t follow it. So what makes us different than the other ones. Anyone can say they won’t right? True, but we take a few extra steps to ensure that the song will not be played. The day of the event your DJ will have the music list so they know what songs you must hear. They will also have the Do Not Playlist. The songs on the Do Not Playlist are highlighted so when a guest requests a song we can quickly check to make sure that it is OK to be played. We also take the laptop the DJ will be using and tag the songs in the library you have put on the Do Not Playlist, so even if the DJ were to pull up the song to play, it would be marked as a do not play. The only instance where a Do Not Play song will be played is if we have multiple requests for it, and only after we clear it with the Bride and/or Groom.

When Is Your Set Up?

Any DJ should clearly state what time they would like to start setting up in their written contract. We make no promise that we will be there at that exact time (traffic, car problems, etc), but we will be as close to that time as possible. We try to be setting up at least 2 hours before your wedding starts. No less than an hour an a half. There is nothing worse than a DJ showing up and setting up as the guests are beginning to arrive.

What Is Your Wedding Attire?

We give you several options as to what kind of attire you would prefer us to wear at your wedding. Some DJs will wear a tuxedo, and that will really stand out if you are not having a black tie kind of wedding. We will always look professional. We do not wear jeans shorts, or beach clothing to weddings. We want to blend in with the wedding pictures not stand out.

When setting up we will still look as professional as possible with a company branded polo. No sweatpants or shorts or undershirts here. Professionalism is what we strive for, and that includes our look.

What Is Required Of Us?

DJs are different in what they require from the couple, it should be spelled out in the written contract. We require shelter, electricity, a table, and chairs. Again these are spelled out more specifically in the contract.

Do You Need A Meal?

Some DJs require or demand a meal at the wedding. Others do not require a meal. We have a place in the planning forms where you can select if a meal will be provided. It is not required by any means. This allows us to prepare the DJs for your wedding day.

Do You Have Insurance?

This is a VERY important question. All DJs should carry full liability insurance. Not being insured is unprofessional and dangerous. Liability insurance protects you and the venue in the unlikely event that the DJ injures anyone or burns the venue down. Some venues now require to be provided proof of insurance before the wedding. We carry a $1,000,000 insurance policy and a certificate for your venue is provided in your planner, should the venue ask for it.

ON A SIDE NOTE: It is a very good idea for you as a couple to get event insurance for the day. This will help you recoup funds should the caterer, photographer, or cake maker fail to show up at your event. It will also help if a guest gets a little too rowdy and causes damage to the venue. Our insurance provider offers event insurance and we would be more than happy to assist you with looking into it if you wish to do so.

Will You Need A Break?

This the advantage of DJs over bands. DJs do not need to take a break other than maybe the meal in another room (if the venue requires it) or to use the restroom. There should never be a break in the music because the DJ is on a “break”

What About Drinking Alcohol Or Smoke Breaks?

No DJ should ever be drinking during your wedding, or taking a smoke break for that matter. Ultimate Jams DJ Service is a tobacco free company, this includes vaping. None of our DJs are permitted to use a vape of any kind or smoke anything while on duty. The same goes for alcohol, DJs are not permitted to drink while on the job, and if a drink is offered by the couple or a guest, DJs will politely turn it down.

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use, Do You Have A Back Up?

We won’t go into technical detail here as it is mostly industry jargon that you probably would not understand. All DJs though should be using professional equipment. There is a big difference between home audio systems and professional equipment. 

  • Speakers: Behringer & Rockville
  • Mixers: Behringer & Mackie
  • Lights: Chauvet, JMAZ Lighting
  • Music Program: Virtual DJ
  • Transmitters: Sennheiser & Dennon
  • Microphones: Shure
  • Computers: Dell

We have a full backup system in the trailer in the unlikely case something would need to be swapped out, before or during your wedding.

All equipment is tested on Friday before the wedding and on Monday after the wedding

Do You Provide Wireless Microphones?

Every DJ should have a wireless microphone, however due to the recent popularity of the mic drop some DJs have opted out of using it. We will provide a lapel or headset microphone for your officiant and the groom if wanted at the ceremony (Complete and Total Packages). Microphones will be provided to those doing toasts and the blessing. No other guest will be permitted for any other reason to use a microphone. It is the couple’s responsibility to let those using microphones that they (the couple) will be responsible for replacing a microphone damaged during intentional mic drops or any action that can cause the microphone to malfunction or become damaged.

We also provide omnidirectional lavaliere microphones for both the officiant and groom at the ceremony. A professional DJ will never put a microphone on the bride. This would look awful in pictures later.

Do You Hang A Sign Or Banner?

Any DJ who does this is in our eyes unprofessional. The short answer is no. You really do not want our logo in wedding pictures. Somehow that would happen with every picture if we put up a sign or banner. Where will you see our logo? Well it depends on what options you use at your wedding. Our business cards have the logo on them and they are in a card holder on our table. If you would decide to use Ask The DJ and select the webpage option our logo would be on the top of the page. Those are the only places our logo would be displayed that guests would see it. Therefore making it impossible for it to work it’s way into your wedding photos.

Do you belong to any DJ Associations?

DJs who are serious about the work they do will join DJ organizations that allow them to network with other DJs around the country. Sharing ideas that make the business better. DJs will also always show their reviews in some manner whether it be via Facebook or their website. You can read our reviews here. We are also members of, WeddingWire, The Knot, and various idea sharing boards across the internet. 

Beware of DJs who use Thumbtack and Craigslist, sure there may be a few diamonds in the rough, but this is mostly where you will find the unprofessional DJs.

Do You Have Any Awards?

We are WeddingWire’s Couple’s Choice Award Recipients

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