Have you ever been at a wedding or a party and wanted to request a song, but you are too shy to talk to the DJ? Ask the DJ is a revolutionary way we take requests. Ask the DJ relies on a good steady internet connection and my not be available in some locations. Here is how it works:

Ask The DJ can be used one of 2 ways:

1: We build a webpage that is specific to your event and location. Your guests would then open their web browser on their phone and type http://ask.the.dj (locations must be enabled) their web browser will open right up to the request page for your event. Guests can make requests and they will come right through to the DJ booth during your event.


2: You can come up with a hashtag for Twitter, this hashtag would need to be something different if you have a hashtag you are using for your event already. Guess can then post their requests via Twitter using the specific hashtag for your event and the requests will come through to the DJ Booth during your event.