Got A Request?

If you will be attending an event and would like to hear a song, make sure we have it with us before hand?

****IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to legality reasons dealing with copyrights we can only play songs that have been released by a recording label. We CAN NOT play songs from Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, American Idol Contestants, The Voice Contestants, The Five Contestants, or any other songs that fall under this umbrella. We also will not under any circumstance play a song from your phone or youtube while on location. When requesting songs, please remember, your request may not be honored if it falls under the criteria listed above . We thank you for your understanding.****


To make a request just enter the date of the event and the password that was supplied…

Guest Request Logon

If you do not have the password for the event, please contact the client to obtain it. (Ultimate Jams DJ Service can not supply you with this password to events)

If you are having trouble with the guest request portal please call (814) 954-1420 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.