Have you ever been at a wedding or a party and wanted to request a song, but you are too shy to talk to the DJ? Request A Text is a revolutionary way we take requests.  Here is how it works:

We will place table tent cards with the phone number on each table so that everyone can see the requests. Depending on your setup we will also place an easel with a bigger version of the table tent card near where we are setup at. This will be done once the dancing portion of the night begins so it is not in your photos.

  • Your guests will then text their requests to the DJ, by texting song and artist to the number provided.
  • Requests come right to the DJ
  • Guest will get a text back asking if they would like to include their name.
  • We will send a text at the end of the night thanking your guests for coming out.

What makes this revolutionary is the DJ will not see the number the text is coming from and at the end of the night the system purges all the numbers. So we will not be selling your number to anyone and if there is ever a data breach rest assure your phone number is not stored somewhere.