Light Up Your Reception Or Party

With the right lighting you can turn an ordinary room into a fun party atmosphere. The right light sequence, a little haze, some laser beams and your party has just stepped up a notch or two.


Sound Activated Lights


We can transform the room or the head table with uplighting. We will talk about colors in your bridal consult. Learn More

(Available with the The Complete, Grand & Total Wedding Packages…also available as an add-on)

The lighting we set up will dance to the beat and create patterns and colors to keep your crowd pumped all night long.

The upgraded light show uses additional lighting techniques, like lasers to add ambiance to the ceilings and skrims and more.

We can use pinspots to highlight the cake, by shining a narrow beam of light onto it in a dark room without flooding the the with light and blinding people sitting near the cake.

Monogram/Gobo Lighting

Monogram/Gobo lighting is used for special events (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, reunions etc.) It displays a logo or text in light that is then cast on the dance floor, ceiling, or wall. You can choose from one of the 9 pre-made designs or customize your own.

This can also be used for images like ghosts or snowflakes on the dancefloor, the ceiling or wall that move at different speeds.


Customizing a design is $125.00 and must be ordered at the latest 60 days before your event.