Wedding Events

Your Ceremony: We will  play any music/songs you request, from minute the first guests’ arrive to the conclusion of your ceremony (Prelude, Processional, Unity Candle, Recessional, and any special event music you require/request). We will also include wireless microphones, for the officiant conducting the wedding ceremony, and can can provide other microphones (optional) so everyone at the service, can hear the spoken words during the wedding ceremony. (Ceremony is included with the Total Wedding Packages)

The Cocktail Hour: If you plan on having a cocktail hour prior to your reception, we can provide the music & sound during this time. You can choose the music, you can choose a genre or genres, or we can recommend a music program. (Cocktail Hour is included with The Grand & Total Wedding Packages)

The Dinner Hour: We can provide the music & sound during the dinner hour. Again, you can choose the music, you can choose a genre or genres, or we can recommend a music program. (Dinner Hour is included with The Grand & Total Wedding Packages)

Your Reception: We will supply all of the music, sound, lights and hosting at your wedding celebration. Prior to your event, you can use our online planning tools to plan your reception. Then a personal meeting will be arranged to go over all of the music & events you want, and don’t want. We listen to you – It’s your special wedding day!

Rehearsal Dinner: (EXTRA CHARGE)If your wedding ceremony and reception will be at the same location, and the venue will allow it for a little extra we can attend the rehearsal and dinner. We can play music at the dinner and provide microphones for anyone who may want to say anything. We can also play the music for your ceremony, so everyone is on the same page the day before. There are some limitations to this, so please feel free to discuss this with us.

Wedding Services

DJ & Emcee Entertainment Services: Ultimate Jams DJ Service, has 20 years of Central PA wedding event knowledge & experience from wedding ceremonies to the wedding reception, plus all of the pre-planning consulting experience, to make your event exactly what you envisioned – a fun, trouble free celebration!

Day Of Wedding Coordination: Your wedding is the biggest day in your life and your families lives. There is no reason that a family member or good friend should miss out on certain things or even worse you miss out on certain things while trying to coordinate with all the vendors for your wedding. Let us take the stress off of you. Our day of coordinator will work with all the vendors to keep the ceremony and reception street free for you (Wedding Coordinating Services Are COMING SOON)

Photobooth: Our photobooth is very unique as it is automated and will run itself during the event. Guests simply tap the screen to start, pose for photos, and then choose how to receive their photo. Guests can receive their photo by email, text, or hardcopy photo strip print, depending on the photobooth package that you choose. We provide all the props, all you need to do is pose and smile. (We do have an attendant near by in case something does go haywire though)

Typical Wedding Day Time Table

The following order of events will provide a general idea of how a typical wedding event would play out. It’s your day though and we let you set it up they way you want.

Your Ceremony (Included With The Total Package)—Ultimate Jams DJ Service can provide all of the music and audio during your ceremony. Prior to your Wedding date,  you will use the online tools to plan the ceremony and choose all the music for your ceremony. Your  will sit down with you and discuss the music and timeline. We will then play and preview each song/version so your ceremony is exactly how you envisioned. Any custom edits will be sent to you a week prior for your approval.

The music will begin approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. As your guests arrive, the music selection can either be selected by you (by songs or genere) or you can let it to us, or pre ceremony music usually consists of a mix classical and romantic ballads.

Ceremony sound system consists of:

  • 1 (2 if need be) professional Rockville (or equivalent) powered speaker on a stand.
  • A professional Mixer & computer music system
  • A professional wireless microphone system (lapel and/or hand held) to be used mostly by the person(s)
    conducting your service.
  • All of your requested music played at the times you choose.

Cocktail Hour (included with The Grand And Total Packages) — Immediately following the ceremony the photographer will escort the wedding party and family members to a private location for formal pictures. At a separate location your guests will enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails with a playlist of music you choose either by song or genre(s)

Dinner Hour (included with The Grand And Total Packages) — We can provide the background music with a playlist of music you choose either by song or genre(s)

Your Reception—Your guests will arrive at your reception location with the proper music (type/style) playing at the appropriate level.

Your DJ will review each of the following “List Of Events” with you during your bridal consult. Some of these events are not appropriate for all weddings. Your assigned DJ will help you design the exact selection of events you choose or elect not to perform, in the order you prefer. You may also do this through the online planning tools as well if you wish.

Reception sound system consists of:

  • Two professional Behringer (or equivalent) powered speakers on stands
  • A professional Mixer & computer music system
  • A professional wireless microphone system (hand held) to be used during toasts and other events during your reception.
  • All of your requested music played at the times you choose.
  • LED lights to enhance the dance floor area (non-obtrusive). (Included with The Basic, The Grand, And Total Packages Only)

***We offer 2 different types of light shows, uplighting, fog, a wedding cloud, and bubbles. Some of these are included with packages and others are offered at an additional cost.***

Introductions—Outside of the reception area your DJ or Emcee will privately align the wedding party in the order of introduction. With professionalism and enthusiasm we will  welcome everyone to this wonderful occasion. Creating an exciting atmosphere we will individually introduce the wedding party ending with a standing ovation for the Bride and Groom.

Toast—The best man and/or maid of honor will usually toast the bride and groom before dinner. The parents and others may request to toast the bride and groom in-addition to the best man and maid of honor. You can also choose who you would like to give toasts in the online planner.

Blessing—A Blessing can be given by a person of your choosing

Cake Cutting—After Dinner we will cut the cake, you can choose to get the crowd involved or share this moment with each other

First Dance—The bride and groom will be called to the center of the dance floor to celebrate their first dance as Husband and Wife. We will play the special requested song, you selected, for your first dance.

Father / Daughter Dance—This is a special dance between the bride and her father.

Mother / Son Dance—This is a special song between the groom and his mother.

Bridal Party Dance—The bride and groom will share a special dance with their bridal party.

Garter Belt & Bouquet Toss

Anniversary Dance—All of the married couples will be invited to the dance floor for a special dance. During this song, by process of elimination, we will determine who is the longest married couple.

Honeymoon Dance (a.k.a. The Money or Dollar Dance)—We will invite the maid of honor and the best man to join the bride and groom on the dance floor. We introduce the honeymoon dance to your guests as their personal one on one with the bride and groom. It is a dollar or more to dance as the ladies line up behind the best man to dance with the groom and the guys line up behind the maid of honor to dance with the bride. The best man and maid of honor will collect the money.

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